Barbie Great Puppy Treasure Hunt PLAY GAME
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Barbie Great Puppy Treasure Hunt Barbie Great Puppy Treasure Hunt and her younger sisters: Skipper, Chelsea and Stacey decided to go to the grandmother for the whole summer. It was in the town of Willows that all the childhood of Barbie passed. Therefore, to return here the girl was very happy. The grandmother of the girls made a very nice present for them. To each of the sisters, she gave a little puppy. Once playing in the attic Barbie and the sisters find an antique card that will probably lead them to the treasure. Girls do not hesitate to agree, because they can not live a day without adventure. If you want to know how this story ends with the treasure, then join the brave squad. In the game you will search for the treasures that are indicated on the map. To find the treasures you need, you need to look carefully at the list that will be located at the bottom of the screen. In every new level, you will search for new treasures. If you manage to find all the wealth, Barbie and her sisters with the puppies will be very grateful to you. But that's not all, because the game has a second mode in which you need to find all the puppies that are lost in the tropics. Barbie and her sisters are already on the lookout, but they can not do without your help. In each level, you need to find all the necessary items that will later help you find all the puppies. Good luck!