Barbie Popstar Or Princess PLAY GAME
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Barbie Popstar Or Princess Barbie Popstar Or Princess has an incredible wish in her life: to become a true pop star and to be recognized as such in the letter game Barbie Princess is a pop star. Gling, gling, gling, make way because Barbie Princess arrives in her superb carriage, ready for the pop star concert to which she was invited to test her abilities. Hop, here she is on the stage with her friend and left for the show. Good if it is too loud you can click on the button with the symbol of a musical note in order to cut the sound because the goal of the game is to find in the scene each of the letters indicated in the bottom left of the screen. To do this, move your mouse over the scenery, which will also move the magnifying glass, allowing you to better see the details and thus to find all the letters requested in order to win the game. Be careful to keep an eye on the timer in order to find them in the time allotted.