Talking Tom Cat 2 PLAY GAME
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Talking Tom Cat 2 Talking Tom Cat 2 - a parody game in which your favorite cat repeats all your work in a mirror. For you, he parodied you need to act, or just talk to him. Not only can you stroke it, prick it or grab its tail. Such an action to do this, not only you, but also to Tom. Believe me, this is a very exciting game! You may already know Tom Chat speaking? If it is not yet the case, you will meet him in the game Talking Tom Cat 2, a funny little animated game that will surprise more than one! To play, use your mouse to interact with Tom and click on the buttons at the bottom of your screen. Start by clicking on the cat's muzzle to see what happens next. The animation that awaits you is rather surprising. You can also click on the tail, ears or paws of Tom the Cat. You will quickly get to know another animal: Ben the dog, the eternal enemy of the cat. To do this, click on the window and the various buttons on the screen, many surprises await you! And note that you will see various actions for the same button, so feel free to activate them several times in a row!