Violetta Bejeweled PLAY GAME
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Violetta Bejeweled Swap places gems to earn points alongside Violetta Bejeweled from Disney Latin America! This TV game features an addictive Bejeweled game. Your goal: to form lines of at least three matching pieces. You can swap them with any adjacent gem. Eliminate as many pieces as possible before the end of the deadline! Violetta is a great singer, who loves his precious microphones. Today they have lost, so you must immediately help him collect all of them. Take a good look at the screen, where they found a mass of multicolored mikrofon cheek. To recover their need to move along the same color to get the series of three or more items. Then they disappear and you will get extra points. It is important from the time you have to face, if you do not have time, then you lose.