Violetta Foot Doctor PLAY GAME
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Violetta Foot Doctor Violetta Foot Doctor is another game on. You can play Violetta Foot Doctor feet in your browser for free. Violeta has decided to visit you and offer you a number of new and amazing online games, new games in which we are sure you will have a lot of fun playing with it. Your friend would repeat for one of her concerts when she fell and hurt her foot. In this new and fun game she has to offer for you you will have to play the role of her personal physician and make sure you are able to heal her injuries in time for the concert she has. You must follow the instructions given by the game and use each tool and the necessary medical treatment for you friend. Violetta is counting on you to help her better for her concert and be able to dance as usual and make her fans happy. Enjoy this new benevolent game with violetta!